About Us

Our mission is to ensure that no- and very low-income, socioeconomically disadvantaged, at-risk African-Americans across all ages and genders, have access to high-quality, culturally-humble and appropriate mental health services and supports free of charge in their local neighborhoods.

Greater Options and Assistance for Lifelong Success (G.O.A.L.S.) is a program of G.O.A.L.S. For Women, a 501c3 public benefit nonprofit specializing in grassroots, ethnic (Black) mental health services and supports to no and very low income individuals, families and groups.  G.O.A.L.S. For Women was founded in South Los Angeles, California in 1997 by Gwen Wilson as an outgrowth of a small peer support group for African American women who found a need for more culturally sensitive, responsive mental health services that addressed depression, anxiety, stress and blocked opportunities to reach their full potential and the same for their children because of racism, discrimination and various forces of oppression.  The adverse conditions wrecked havoc on their mental health and sense of self and several struggled with the impact of these forces on overall mental health and wellness.

G.O.A.L.S. relocated to Northern, CA in 2002 and to-date has supported over 3,000 no and low-income African American women through an array of peer and clinical mental health services including case management and prevention/early intervention groups, outreach and engagement, and a supportive employment internship pipeline for individuals interested in working as peer counseling and peer group facilitators up to completing education, training and licensure as clinical mental health professionals within an ethnic mental health outpatient agency.

Today, G.O.A.L.S.  strives to be a leader in culturally responsive peer, clinical social work training in contextual African American mental health issues, inspiring natural helping strategies and empowerment approaches through mental health publication, trainings and networking /collaborative partnerships. Our commitment is to do no harm, be respectful, transparent and informative so individuals are better equipped to decide the right strategies for their care. decision making.  We are deeply committed to reducing risks for suicide and encouraging people to choose life and avoid self harm behaviors to put it at risk. We also encourage survivors of suicide to reach out for support to achieve their own healing after losing someone to suicide. Life really is precious and worth living and many services and supports are available to help along the way.